From Humble Beginnings

      The Name

          The Name Château de Maquillage was brought into being through Nálii's love of fantasy & romance, so choosing to name her business with the             language of love, was the obvious choice. Château de Maquillage translates to "Castle of Makeup" or "Manor of Makeup" a place where women                go to be pampered, transformed & made feel the best versions of themselves. Nálii chose this name as an all encompassing "home" for all                    she had set out to create, and the myriad of services she planned to offer.

         The Story

         Makeup is one of the many artistic talents Nálii possesses, and through makeup found it brought so much happiness, confidence and                            empowerment to all who sat in her chair. It was at this point that she realised that the transformations were so powerful they needed to be                  documented. With help of a photographer and dear friend, began documenting the empowerment journey together, breathing a new sense of            confidence and esteem into each client, and immortalising the power of liberation from self doubt in stunning imagery.

in 2018 Nálii relocated to Townsville, leaving behind her beautiful photographer, with no familiar artists, friends or family to assist, Nálii was forced to think outside the box, and plunged feet first into the undertaking of doing the photography side of her business herself.  With so much to learn since the days of film photography, it had taken Nálii a couple of years of full time practice to really feel comfortable.

Since then, Nálii's work has been published in Magazines around the world and has established herself in the world of photography, bringing the art of transformational portraiture to the very forefront of Château de Maquillage. 

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Born in the Tropical paradise of Far North Queensland, Australia 1986

Studied at Australian Institute of Creative Design, Gold Coast, QLD.

Nálii is a passionate, lifelong artist with a twenty year long professional career in commercial and visual arts, within the past decade utilising body art & makeup to create luxurious and dynamic imagery for businesses, organisations and individuals.


Nálii uses her talent and ability for sculpting, painting and designing to create inspiring artworks of all shapes, sizes and mediums. Nálii's artworks are publicly featured on sidewalks, signs, buildings, and published in magazines and films across Australia, United Kingdom, United States & Europe.

Nálii's mission is to ignite passion, empower and inspire greatness through the boldness of her work, her love of colour, and all things magical - to traverse the deepest depths of the imagination and rise from beyond  where dreams are born.

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La Chambre Noire - is French for 'The Dark Room' where we dim the lights, let down our hair, and slip into something a little more comfortable. La chambre Noire, is the Boudoir of the Castle, our very own dressing room. A place where we can allow our clients to fully relax, feel comfortable and celebrate themselves with stunning imagery in a more intimate yet professional setting. With beautiful plush props and furniture, we drape our clients in such a way that it celebrates all their stunning curves and bodies.

Boudoir is not just for women! We encourage our ladies to bring their gents, and fire up the romance! Is such a delicious way to send the sparks flying, and have a memento of your love to look back on in years to come. If you're celebrating a new love, a union or even if you are simply celebrating yourself, boudoir is such a fabulous way to document your journey no matter your age, size, race, sex, or preference. 

Boudoir isn't just lace and bedsheets, at Château de Maquillage in the Chambre Noire we encourage diversity, creativity, imagination and inspiration. We absolutely customise our shoots to each individual, and gladly switch out sets to give you that 5 star luxury feel and take home the results you had burning in your heart!

We pride ourselves in being the creative leaders in Boudoir photography!

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